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So you have been writing essays for some time now, and you are ok at them, nothing spectacular but not too bad either. To put it in to words, average, passable, and forgettable. And you don’t want it to be that anymore. You want your essays to stand out and be considered great work. You want your essays to have a professional edge, well now you can. Read on to get some basic tips to writing your essays with a professional edge that are provides by a best essay writing service provider, The Academic Papers UK.
  • If you’re given a topic then it does not matter. But if you have to choose a topic yourself then choose your topic carefully.
  • It’s better to choose a topic that is relevant to your interests.
  • Plan and create an outline on what you want your essay to be. Writing and describing each idea briefly and in order.
  • It’s a good idea at this point to make an actual diagram outlining your whole plan of writing the essay.
  • Write down the thesis statement. A thesis statement consists of two parts: The topic, and the point of the essay.
  • Start by writing “the topic” at the very top. It needs to be prominent and well thought out.
  • After “the topic”, write down the “point of the essay”. The “point of the essay” is supposed to provide the core essence of the essay in one brief sentence.
  • Write an introduction. An intro needs to grab the reader’s attention right from the get go. Use something that will awe the reader, some interesting factoid, or an interesting real life story, or if you can’t do anything like that then just a brief but interesting summary of your topic.
  • Make sure that the introduction stays relevant to the essay writing topic at hand. Don’t let it waver off into irrelevant topics
  • Start writing “the body” of your essay. The basic idea behind it should be a mix of all the points that you want your essay to make.
  • "The body" of the essay should contain: explanation, argument, counter argument, and examples for each of your ideas for your college assignment that you have planned in your outline.
  • Start off by jotting down the essence of the idea as the starting sentence. Now write down the explanations and arguments one by one, leaving space where ever you feel like you can link them together.
  • Keep doing this for all of your ideas from the outline. Leave space between them in case there is the need for a link between these ideas.
  • Write down the conclusion. Extract a result from all of your ideas and write them down in 4-5 sentences, reaffirming your thesis statement.
  • Review and proof read everything as many time as you can. It is utmost important to make sure that your essay is completely error free contains no issues whatsoever. 

And there it is your professional essay all done. Get your essay done by an essay writing service to get an idea of how real professionals do it.

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