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    Structuring the Dissertation - Tips You Need to Follow

    Structuring the Dissertation
    The structure of your dissertation may vary from one field to the other and also from one university to the other. There is only a variation in the body of the dissertation, whereas, the beginning and the conclusion remain almost the same in all the fields and also in all the universities. In this way, you should follow the guidelines of your supervisor about the structuring of the dissertation. In this article, we, being a cheap dissertation writing service will provide you some basic tips about the structuring of the dissertation. The basic structure of your dissertation should contain the following things;
    1. Title page
    2. Abstract
    3. Acknowledgement
    4. Contents
    5. List of tables
    6. List of figures
    7. Introduction
    8. Literature review
    9. Research methods
    10. Results
    11. Analysis
    12. Discussion
    13. Conclusion
    14. Future work
    15. References
    16. Bibliography
    17. Appendices

    This is the basic structure of the dissertation and the same can be used for HRM assignment. You can add or skip something by following the guidelines of your supervisor. Some tips to write the most important sections of the dissertation are given below;

    Tips to Present Your Literature Review:
    A literature review is the most important chapter of your dissertation. In the literature review, a student reads the previous articles related to his/her topic and then tries to make a comparison of his/her research with the previous research. Some tips to write a literature review for your dissertation are given below;
    1. You should try to demonstrate the issues related to your topic
    2. You should also try to demonstrate that why your dissertation has merit
    3. Provide a comparison between previous research and your research

    Tips to Explain the Research Methodology:
    The basic purpose of research methodology is to demonstrate the manner in which the data is collected. There are two basic types of research methodologies, first is the qualitative research methodology and the second is the quantitative research methodology. You should keep in mind the following things while selecting the research methodology;
    1. The basic purpose of your study
    2. Keep in mind your participants
    3. You should also keep in mind all the tools which you can use to collect the data
    4. You should also keep in mind the research design
    These are the most important things that you should keep in mind while selecting the research methodology.

    Tips to Develop the Results and Findings:
    Results and findings are the most important achievements of your dissertation. When you are going to write the results and findings chapter of your dissertation, then you should try to keep in mind the following things;
    1. List all the results of the research
    2. Divide these results into different chapters
    3. Develop your central argument

    Concluding Your Dissertation:
    The conclusion is the most important chapter of your dissertation and it is also the most difficult chapter of your dissertation. You should write all the main points of your dissertation in the concluding chapter. In the conclusion, you should also pose directions for the future research.

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