Ravitch’s View On Education - Things That She Explained

Ravitchs View On Education
Ravitch was born on 1 July, 198. Ravitch was a professor at New York University. In fact, she is an assistant sectary of education in the U.S. She wrote many books about New York Education. Her views about education have brought a great change in the education system of the UK. Ravitch’s views about education are very informative and analytic. Here, the professional writers of PhD dissertation writing service will discuss Ravitch views about education.

Ravitch is a very famous lady in the United Kingdom. She presents unmatched services to the education system. For her countless services, she was awarded by the medal of Intellectual Women. Actually, she belongs to Jews family. The most famous and historical book” The Great School Wars” is written by Ravitch. She offers many services to the public education system. She was disrupted by the diverse culture of the United Kingdom. The fundamental mission of UK education department is to give awareness about advanced technology. However, the equal educational opportunities should be given to the people. Ravitch was an educational analytic woman.

Ravitch does not like merit jobs and tests in physical education. She believes that the test system should be ignored by the government. She says that a merit job is very devastating for the quality of education. According to the Ravitch, merit is not good in order to motivate the teachers, because they give birth to different conflicts. They do not provide a good learning environment for the students in the school. In fact, the merit system is harmful for education, because, it is not the assurance of high-quality education. Approximately, merit is not helpful in order to increase students academic performance, because, the system of merit pay is very harmful and it destroys the collaboration teaching. In most cases, teachers do not work hard, because, they know merit pay will not be helpful in order to improve students’ marks.

She believes that the education department should be liberated from the lack of occupancy. She criticizes the education system of the United Kingdom, because, they lose their marks bad teaching methods. She does not like expensive education, but she blames to poverty for bad grades. According to the Ravitch, American teachers should be able to grab the attention of the students in the study and give excellent performance. She believes that good teachers are an indication of good grades.

According to the Ravitch, the concord schools of the United Kingdom are not effective, because, they do not provide proper education to the students. Most students do not like to go to school due to low academic performance. The country should develop new school programs in order to provide quality education to the students. It is a good idea that charter schools should be transformed into consumers’ schools. This idea can reduce the costs of education. Most teachers are demoralizing by the government. She argues that English language teachers can give high grades to the students. She focuses on the accountability of the students as well as teachers. She declares that she is against the private school's management. She suggests that every school should be given a good staff in order to gain high performance of the students.

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