Dissertation Writing Up Process In Easy Steps

Dissertation writes up is a most important hurdle that every student has to clear before getting the final Masters certification. It is the most important stage of your final stage. It is done in a crucial way to get good grades. There are different aspects of writing a perfect dissertation write up; you should follow in order to produce a masterpiece. I am glad to present some useful tips which will be very helpful in writing your dissertation.

Start thinking about what you would like to write 

You should get in touch with your tutor. The most important point to remember here is that you will not be writing a general proposal, but you need to focus on particular aspects. These aspects are solving a problem, studying existing research, or critically analyzing a specific case study. The final title can be a simple title with extensive research aspect or critical analysis of a particular problem and probable solutions to overcome the issue. 

Start your research and planning 

The second and most important step is plan and research. You should start planning for your dissertation write up. It is obvious to plan your dissertation carefully. Plan your schedule and stick to it, avoid leaving things to the last minute. Problems are surely going to arise like difficulties in obtaining books or materials; delays in receiving replies to letter; lack of feedback, these are all mysterious dissertation-eating dogs which cannot be avoided. Therefore, you should make a solid plan to solve all these problems. Focus on committing lesser mistakes while writing, avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Proofread everything you write in the dissertation. 

Structure your dissertation write up 

Structuring your dissertation is again very important because a good clearly presented dissertation can easily get an additional edge. Consult your tutor and with course literature about the requirements of the structure. A basic framework would be as follows: 

o Abstract: One paragraph summarizing the whole dissertation 

o Acknowledgement: Thanks to those who have assisted you 

o Table of contents: Chapters or sections 

o Introduction: A brief outline of the whole work 

o The main body: You should focus on the main body such as facts, evidence, analysis, evaluation and discussion. All are very structured in the dissertation 

o Conclusion: The main point in the conclusion. 

o Bibliopoly: A brief summary of your work 

Content and writing style 

In the dissertation write up, you are going to produce a piece of academic work. It is purely an intellectual achievement. You should be able to demonstrate the research onion and theme in the final work. Simple or a generalized approach can directly impact your grades. It is extremely important to write in an academic style, avoid common terms, contractions, semantic errors and imprecision. You should be clear and console in your expression and often avoid long paragraphs of vocabulary. 

The art of referencing 

Referring to your information with vital and valid sources is extremely important in your academic dissertation. Improper and poor referencing can impact your grades. Sources available which can help you to learn referencing style. The art of reference is very important in the dissertation to write up.

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