Classification Essay Structure

Classification essay is related to the organization of the things by their categories and adding examples of the things in each category. For example, if you want to write an essay on computer types, you will highlight the characteristics of each type in a different way. So, you can highlight the functions of each type.

In simple words, classification essay is like to painting creation in which a painter captures many elements together in a single picture in order to create impressive visual, the same rule we can apply for writing a classification essay. The essence of the classification essay is categorization and generalization, keep in mind these two words, because, they can define the real meaning of classification essay. 

Classification Essay Structure 

No matter what topic you choose for writing your essay, indeed, what is the main structure of the essay? The first step to writing an essay is its structure information. The students’ main task should be learned about the essay structure, although, full concentration and planning is the indication of high-quality work, yet, having structure information will improve your style of writing. Let’s discuss the main parts of the classification essay structure.

The first part that is consisted of the general introduction.

The second part is the body in which you will write details about your topic.

The conclusion is the third part of classification essay.


An introduction is one of the essential paragraphs in the essay. Although, it’s consisted of opening lines that illuminate your topic that you are going to discuss in your essay, yet, it should be written very carefully and with powerful words. Introduction of any piece of writing should be concise and epigrammatic; you need to make an outline of your purpose with the clarity of style. Closing an introduction with a thesis statement is most beneficial for all the students in order to gain good grades. 


The body is the second part of the essay structure that is consisted of many paragraphs. Each paragraph should be applicable and preferable. The body is a critical nuance that should be composed very carefully. In the body, make 4 to 5 paragraphs and categories each point for each paragraph. Make divisions of the points and discuss the good points as well as bad points of your essay. Write your main body with examples and provide good evidence. However, if you are discussing a critical issue and your paragraph is very lengthy, you should create a smooth transition between the writing and points.


Writing a conclusion is an exceedingly difficult section of the essay, because, it is the final paragraph. Writing a closing statement will sum up different categorized in the essay. A conclusion that is written in deprive of subjectivity will lose the quality of writing. The conclusion part should be simple and to the point. However, writing a well-grounded explanation can grab the attention of the reader. However, don’t make mistakes in the conclusion section. Don’t add new information in the conclusion section, indeed; provide a solid reason to your checker why your topic is most important. 

Tips on Structuring The Classification Essay 

Get Ideas 

Before you start writing your classification essay, you need to get classical ideas. For example, you are going to write an essay on modern society. You can select any topic out of them that are given below:

Types of Modern community 

Types of Modern literature 

Types of aristocratic societies 

Types of people’s different attitude 

Types of diets 

Write different dancing style 

Formulate the Thesis Statement 

Writing a thesis statement in the introduction part is very essential for a classification essay. Don’t write a simple statement in the classification essay. On the other side, don’t write complex sentences, indeed, you should read simple and understandable. So, you should formulate a thesis statement in sentimental words.

Plan the Complete Process 

Planning is the first step toward success; therefore, you should make a proper plan for writing your classification essay. First of all, make a good timetable. You should set your working hours. Keep in mind your deadline and start the writing process with full concentration. Make a proper plan for structure that how many words you will be written per day.

Do More Research 

Searching about your topic will provide your primary information that you can put in your classification essay. Don’t make hasty in researching detail that is related to your topic. You should write reliable and authoritative resources in your essay. Collect high-quality material for your essay in order to write high quality essay. After writing your classification essay, you should edit and proofread it very carefully.

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