Can Writing Help to Stop Gender Discrimination in the World?

Stop Gender Discrimination
Gender discrimination means sexism based on gender identity. Sexism defines a person’s sex or gender which affects the lives of human beings. Gender discrimination affects the lives of women and girls. For example, in backward societies, girls become the victim of sexual harassment, sexual violence and rape. Nowadays, gender discrimination is being identified with the term of workplace inequality. Gender discrimination makes a separation between the men and women based on culture, customs and norms. It shows that women are not equal to men.

Although, education has played a vital role to remove and finish the gender discrimination and has developed the lesson that women have gain success in life and can become equal to the men to achieve the goal, yet, backwards and narrow-minded people still believe on the historical events. For example, on the base of gender discrimination, girls and women were hunted in different trails. But here the question raised by an assignment writing service is that can writing help to stop gender discrimination in the world. This is the most imperative question that has changed the minds of the people.

I would like to give an answer with a famous quote that,” writing is more effective and killer than the sword”. It means “yes”. Writing has changed the views of the people and it has removed clashes between the countries. Writing is effective and powerful that fighting. So getting help from the writing, we can change the minds of the people and can remove the negativity that is present in the mind of the people.

However, we need to provide solid awareness and acknowledgement to the human beings that we are equal and women should be provided all the basic rights. Even undeveloped countries are also equal to the progressed countries. As we know people are converting to social media. Even 50% of people are earning from internet and students get content from social media. So stopping gender discrimination is not too much difficult and tough.

By using social media accounts and uploading informative and effective content on the blogs, we can give awareness to the people about gender discrimination. We need to provide a solid reason why gender inequality should be removed from society and what are the dark aspects of this narrow-mindedness. However, we need to understand that people will not pay attention to our writing until we will provide solid reasons and disadvantages of discrimination. Therefore, we must highlight and recognize all the dark aspect and disadvantages of discrimination. We should provide basic information to the people that they should consider all human beings equal and girls should be given an equal role.

For example, a research by a cheap assignment writing service shows that in under-developed countries, girls have no freedom of choice. We need to give awareness that girls should be provided with books instead of husbands. If we talk about historical movements and trails then we will be amazed at how much badly girls were treated. The words of Malleus Malificaruls is enough to provide a sample of the pessimist, “All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman ... What else is a woman but a foe to friendship, an inescapable punishment, a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a desirable calamity, a domestic danger, a delectable detriment, an evil of nature, painted with fair colours!

Stopping gender discrimination can be possible by writing effective and authentic content and publishing it on social media accounts, websites and blogs. As we know that content is everywhere in life. Even students are getting help from the internet for writing their long dissertation, theses and coursework. How students and people can neglect effective and useful material related to gender discrimination.

In western countries and developed countries, women are provided right equal to men. Even these counties have established some rules and regulation for securitizing and protecting the women. This would be right to say that these countries have gained success on the base of their justice and humanity. We can give an example to the people for removing pessimistic thinking and stopping gender discrimination. There should be established some rules and regulation to restricted all the bad behaviours and treatment that are being adopted with the women.

Even married women should not be dependent on their husbands. Women should be given complete freedom in every aspect of life. For example, in Australia, the passport application of married women has to be authorized by her husband. This is the most crucial issue as told by an essay writing service that should be discussed at large scale and remove from society. To conclude, I would like to say that by education and awareness gender discrimination can be stopped.

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